The History of Coffee Beans

The History of Coffee Beans

Has it ever crossed your mind as to where exactly did coffee beans orginated from in the first place? Well, your in luck wondering no further. I have answers.

The legend is said, coffee beans can be traced as far back between the 9th through the 15th century. These red and yellow magical-fruit beans were discovered on the Ethiopian plateau of the ancient coffee forest, which still surprisedly exist today.

 A goat herder, name Kaldi, noticed his goats seemed to be extremely energized after eating a particular berry from a certain tree. His goats then would be up all night long. Geez, talk about party animals eh! 

Goat herde

He then made his way to a group of monks at the local monastery to inform them of his discovery. At first these magical beans where label as a devilish temptation before they even had a chance to show there uniqueness. With a quick reaction the monk grabbed these berries from Kaldi hands and tossed them in the fire pit but that’s when something amazing happen. The berries released a sweet aroma that blew through the air.

In a split second the monk then realized there was something actually special with these berries. They then decided to make a drink with these beans in which they discovered the benefits of these beans would  help with concentrating and being more alert during the long evening hours of prayer. 

I would say the news of these energizing berries spread like wild fire but well…. You know how hard it was for word to travel back then, through what were called messangers on feet or horses in those days. 

Once word reached Arabian Peninsula that’s where the journey of these magical energizing beans we now know as Coffee beans grew worldwide!

Coffee worldwide


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