Caffeine vs Metabolism

Caffeine vs Metabolism 


Does caffeine we find in coffee assist with increasing our metabolism?


Well, with some form of detective skills, I was not born with, I might add, I was able to dig up some information, to better understand how the body works once we have ingested our caffeine fix. 



Okay, before we start fiending for our next dose of caffeine, metabolism? What is it and how does it work!? 

There is such a broad spectrum when it comes to our metabolism so I will try to narrow it down as simple as possible and try to stick to the topic here! I apologize in advance if I get overboard with this stuff but I just love learning about our body and how it functions etc. 


You see, I’m already getting off track… Focus! 


Metabolism is a chemical reaction in our body that breaks down the food we eat into energy. Each of us needs a certain amount of energy daily for our body to properly function on a day-to-day basis. 


Our body goes through an anabolic and catabolic reactions. 


An anabolic reaction is where our body builds muscle and stores future energy. The catabolic reaction is where the body breaks down these molecules such as carbs and fats to use them as energy for daily activities. 



How does the caffeine in coffee help with our metabolism?


Caffeine is considered an ergogenic aid and it is said it can improve fitness performance. On another note, caffeine increases our resting metabolic rate (RMR), in other words, it assists with burning more calories while at rest. 


So the question is, does caffeine help our metabolism for us to lose weight?




Just like any supplement, we take to help improve whatever goal we are trying to achieve, it is only temporary. 


However, although it is not a definitive connection between caffeine and weight, there are some “theories”  such as, it helps with appetite suppression, meaning it will trigger your boding into thinking it is full for a short amount of time. Studies have even shown that caffeine does assist with calorie burning. 


Coffee can also help reduce stored body fat. This is because of the caffeine in it. Why that is? Caffeine is considered a natural stimulate to the Central Nervous system and increases energy expenditure with the release of stored fats. 


With that being said it all depends on how you drink your coffee? If you are trying to lose weight then adding those deliciously flavored creamers, sugars or milk can counteract your weight loss journey. 


Drinking 3-4 cups of black coffee a day will be your BFF when it comes to goals being made with a particular weight loss endeavor. 

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